Meet Pipsqueak

We are so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family. She’s small and soft and oh-so-cute. She doesn’t eat much or ask for anything and I only have to clean up after her once a week.

Her name is Pipsqueak and she’s Laurel’s new best friend. She lives in Laurel’s room and everyday we get her out to play.

 Sometimes she rolls around the house in her ball…

Others she plays in our laps or sits on our shoulders…

And sometimes she’s brave and ventures out onto the couch, and climbs pillow mountains.

Pipsqueak is a Winter White hamster. Which means in the winter months she gets almost completely white. While in the warmer months she gets darker, like she is now.

She’s adorable and sweet and the cutest little hamster I ever did see.

Spencer loves her too, and brings her ZhuZhu pets to play with. He even calls her ZhuZhu, which is so freaking adorable I almost can’t stand it. He’s not allowed to touch her much, because he kinda treats her like she’s a ZhuZhu and he doesn’t understand she can actually get hurt. So he settles for 1-finger touches and watching her run around in her ball.

Having her at home has really been so much fun. Laurel is so excited to see her every afternoon after school and she’s doing so well learning about the responsibility of having a pet. Every morning she checks to see if Pip needs food or water and makes sure that she’s okay before heading out. She’s becoming quite the little pet owner and it makes me so proud to see her this happy and excited about her new furry friend.


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