How To Make a Disneyworld Countdown

Are you planning a trip to Disney, too? Or another vacation? Maybe you have a birthday or other special occasion coming up? Creating a countdown is a fun way to keep track of the time and keep the excitement growing.

I mean, how great is it to get up every morning and have a fresh reminder of the fun thing you’re looking forward to and watch as each day gets closer to the big event. Plus, if there are kids involved (like Laurel) it helps corral all of those “When are we leaving?”/“Is it time to go?” questions. Laurel already knows that we aren’t leaving for Disneyworld until the countdown says 0-0.

The idea for our Disneyworld countdown sparked when I was cleaning up some unused Christmas craft supplies. It was just after my parents told me that they were planning the trip and I had been thinking of a special way to tell the kids. I knew we would need some visual reminder for Laurel since she’s really bad about asking and asking and asking about things like that. And because she had done so well with the Christmas countdown calendar, I knew a Disneyworld countdown would be in order. That’s when I came across 3 wreath forms… one large and 2 smaller ones… and I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

Here’s what you’ll  need to make one of your own:
Wreath forms – 1 large and 2 small
Black yarn (almost a whole skein)
Felt in various coordinating colors
A needle and embroidery floss
Hot glue
Safety pin
Keychain rings
Hole punch
Chipboard letters
Spray paint

STEP 1: Grab a wreath and your black yarn and start wrapping. There’s really no easy way to do this that I’ve found. It’s time consuming and tedious. It does help a little if you cut the yarn into smaller sections rather than trying to wrap straight off the skein. Secure any loose ends with hot glue. Wrap each of the 3 wreaths in the black yarn.

STEP 2: Attach the smaller wreaths to the larger one to make a Mickey Mouse shape. Use a bit of hot glue to secure the “ears” and then take a length of yarn and wrap the two where they meet. Secure the yarn end with your hot glue and repeat for the other ear. Pay attention to the placement of the ears to achieve the optimal Mickey Mouse look.

STEP 3: Create the numbers. This can be done a variety of ways. I designed the numbers on my computer and then printed them out on cardstock. I trimmed around the circles and then glued them down to more cardstock that I had trimmed to 3”x3”. The double layers give it more stability and durability. As an alternative you could use chipboard numbers attached to cardstock, or even the Disney paint color swatches from HomeDepot.

STEP 4: After the glue dries, punch a hole in each of the top corners of the square cardstock.

STEP 5: Add a keychain ring to each hole. Make sure to keep the numbers in order (counting down) and all going the same way. Those keychain rings can be a little tricky!

STEP 6: Spell our your message in chipboard letters. And spray paint them the color of your choice. Again, use what you have… a cricut or silhouette, your own printer, whatever makes it easier for you!

STEP 7: Make a bow. I wanted ours to be Minnie Mouse so I made her a bow. Cut a strip of felt about 2.5” wide by about 11” long. Fold the ends to the middle and secure with a dab of hot glue. Cut a smaller strip of felt. Grasp the bow in the middle and scrunch it down. Then wrap the smaller piece of felt around the middle and glue the ends down. Add glue to the bow and attach it to the ear.

STEP 8: Put it all together. Run a piece of yarn through the keychain rings and tie the ends to the large wreath. Put a little hot glue on the knots to keep it secure. Arrange your message and glue the letters down. Add some bunting and felt stars and pom poms. Whatever you think to make it fun.

For the bunting: Cut small pieces of felt into triangles. Use a needle and embroidery floss to thread the triangles and then tie the ends around the wreath.
Click here to see how to make the pom poms (follow the same directions as for the flowers).

STEP 9: Open a small safety pin and hook it under the yarn on the back of the wreath. Add a 3M hook to the wall and hang your wreath from the safety pin.

Tada! A fun, visual countdown for a super special event. I clearly wanted our countdown to be Disney themed, but you can totally tweak this idea and use it for any occasion.

So, tell me. Are you planning any big trips for the summer? And how do you handle the constant questions from a 5 year old? I’d love to know!


8 Comments on “How To Make a Disneyworld Countdown”

  1. pumpkinpye says:

    Thank you for posting these step by step instructions! A friend sent me a picture of your wreath from Pinterest and I was thrilled to find your step by step instructions. I created my own wreath and although it isn’t as cute as yours I’m very happy with it! What a fun reminder of our upcoming trip. Thanks again!

  2. Shannon says:

    I am taking my daughters to Disney for the first time. We were searching for a count down craft, as soon as we saw your post above and my oldest fell in love with it. I am struggling with getting the numbers and shapes centered – would you be willing to send this to me please.

  3. Paige says:

    This is the CUTEST countdown in the entire world!! I’m so in love with this. I’ll be making one this weekend! xoxox

  4. […] came across this Disney countdown wreath on Pinterest…of course. Isn’t it ADORABLE??!! I went to AC Moore the very next day to […]

  5. i made kind of a lame counter last year by cutting out construction paper mickey’s and writing the numbers on each one.. i found this and decided it was far superior to my paper countdown!!! yep im so excited about it, i’m going to get all the supplies necessary to replicate it today! yay!!!

  6. Kindra says:

    I love it! I made one very similar using your instructions. I have 3 boys, so instead of a hairbow for Minnie, I made a bow tie for Mickey!

  7. Sallie McGrath says:

    I love this, too! Such great, detailed instructions. Just wondering – what size wreath forms did you use? I’ve tried a couple combinations but none of them seem to have the right proportions. Thanks!

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