From Canvas to Chalkboard

I currently have 1124 projects pinned to Pinterest. 1124 little bits of inspiration right at my disposal. Armed with the determination to do rather than just pin—and a little inpsirationI whipped up this cute chalkboard from an old canvas and some leftover chalkboard paint.

(pin here, source here)

At first glance of the inspiration photo, I thought for sure that the original was an artist’s canvas. Which was awesome because I already had the canvas I could use. But, it’s not.
When I read the tutorial I realized it’s actually a wooden plaque. Which I didn’t have. And I was not about to go shopping. So I just stuck with my original plan and used the old canvas I had already. Of course you could use a wooden plaque, or a frame, or anything really that’s flat and can be hung on the wall.


STEP ONE: Prime the canvas. You can use regular ol’ brush on primer, but I chose to use Killz Spray Primer so I would have as few brush marks as possible. I gave my canvas 2 coats of primer. Not only does it give you a nice clean surface for the chalkboard paint, but it also stiffens up the fabric of the canvas a bit to help make writing on it easier.

STEP TWO: Once the primer has dried, paint 2 coats of chalkboard paint. Be wary of your brush marks and try to keep everything as smooth as possible. A foam roller would probably be better at that, but a brush and some attention works just as well. Allow to dry.

STEP THREE: Hot glue ribbon around the edges of the canvas. The ribbon gives a nice finished edge.


Please forgive me for the lack of process photos.
I got caught up in the making and not in the picture taking. Sorry.

STEP ONE: Determine the size of your pocket based on the size of the canvas. For the width, you’ll need the width of the canvas plus an inch or 2 on each side to wrap around to the back. For the height, take the finished size you’d like the pocket and multiply x3. Mine is 7” high finished so I cut my fabric to a height of 21”.

STEP TWO: Lay your fabric out wrong side up. Fold down from the top (so that the right side of the fabric shows) to reach your desired height, for me that’s 7”. Iron a crease. This is the back of the pocket.

STEP THREE: From the bottom (so that the right side of the fabric shows), fold up until the crease meets the edge of the back of the pocket. Iron a crease. Now you have the pocket flap, or the piece that actually holds the chalk in.

STEP FOUR: Determine the height of your pocket flap. Mine is 4” so the tops of the chalk stick out above. Fold down any excess fabric and iron a crease.

STEP FIVE: Use iron on hem tape to secure the hem of the pocket flap.

STEP SIX: Cut a piece of iron on Heat ‘N Bond the size of the back of your pocket. For me that’s 7” tall by the width of the fabric.

STEP EIGHT: Place the Heat ‘N Bond (shiny side down) between the creases on the wrong side of the fabric. Iron until the Heat ‘N Bond has fully adhered to the wrong side of the fabric.

STEP NINE: Allow to cool and then peal off the paper backing. Fold the fabric back down over the Heat ‘N Bond and iron until the fabric has fused together.


STEP ONE: Apply a bead of hot glue along the bottom edge of the canvas. Aline the fabric pocket so the bottom edge is flush with the bottom of the canvas. Don’t forget to allow enough over hang on each side to wrap the edges around to the back of the canvas.

STEP TWO: Continue to apply hot glue and stick down the back of the pocket. Be careful not to adhere the pocket flap to the back of the pocket!

STEP THREE: To finish it off, wrap the edge around to the back. At this point it would be helpful to use a staple gun, but mine was out of staples. So I just hot glued everything down. Even the flap to the back of the pocket. It’s okay to do that on the back. 😉

STEP FOUR: To finish it off, hot glue a piece of ribbon along the top edge.


STEP ONE: Cut 4 circles from felt. The bigger the circles the bigger your flowers. You can use soup cans or glasses for tracing.

STEP TWO: Cut a smaller circle to act as the base of the flower.

STEP THREE: Cut a couple of leaves from green felt.

STEP FOUR: Fold each of the 4 circles in half and add a dot of hot glue. Just enough to hold it together in the middle. Then fold in half again and add a touch more glue. Now you have a petal. Repeat x 3.

STEP FIVE: Add a bit of glue to each of the petal ends and glue down on circle base.

STEP SIX: For the center, I used coordinating fabric covered buttons. Just follow the directions of the button covering kit and hot glue the finished button to the center. Other center options include regular buttons, felt circles, or a few more petals to fill it out.

STEP SEVEN: Arrange on your canvas and use hot glue to stick the flowers and leaves down.

Note: To get the pom pom effect, just cut slits in the circles before you fold them!

And there you have it! Just slip some chalk, and maybe even a little eraser, in the pocket and you’re good to go! Give these as a gift or just make one for yourself. The possibilities are endless.

We gave this one as a birthday gift (hence, the sweet message written by my girl) and it really seemed to be a crowd-pleaser. Also, with just a little change in fabric, you could easily make one of these for a special boy.

Have you painted anything with chalkboard paint lately? I’m wondering, is there anything that can’t be made into a fun, cute chalkboard?


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