Happy Valentine’s Day

I made these cute little treats for the kids to hand out at their Valentine’s Day parties at school today.

Using Martha’s tutorial, I made these cute cherry Valentines for Laurel to give all her sweet friends. I tweaked the tutorial a bit so I could use some things that I had at home… like pipe cleaners instead of floral wire stems, and green duck tape in place of the floral tape. I was able to fit 3 pieces of assorted candies inside. The card I designed and printed on cardstock says “You’re the Cherry on Top!” To attach the cherry to the card I made a couple of small holes and looped a piece of pipe cleaner through. Easy and cute!

One down… one to go…

I got so lucky with Spencer’s Valentine. I’ve seen cards like these floating around on Pinterest, but I knew there was no way I could get Spencer to cooperate for a photo. Then I remembered this photo from our Christmas card photo shoot. He was already holding the sucker in the photo so I knew it would work perfectly. To make these Valentines, I brought the photo into Illustrator and added the speech bubble and a happy greeting from Spencer. Then I just printed them out on cardstock and punched a hole above and below his hand. Slide in a sucker stick and voila! The sweetest little Valentine I ever did see!

From my little loves to you, we hope your day is filled with love … and chocolate. Lots of chocolate!


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