DIY Growth Chart

On Wednesday I shared our hallway frame gallery and the growth chart that I made for that space.
Today I wanted to share the step by step process so you can make your own.

This is probably one of my most favorite projects to date. I just love how it turned out, even though it’s definitely not perfect. And I love that I have a visual reminder of how much my kids have grown. And Laurel loves having her height marked and seeing how big she’s getting. It has quickly become a fun tradition. I hope that if you make one you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

This project didn’t cost me a dime because I used materials and paint leftover from other projects. I don’t think that it would cost too much to make, though, even if you had to buy everything. Here’s the list of supplies:

1. Piece of MDF or plywood roughly measuring 12″ x 7′
(you can buy a sheet of plywood 8′ long at HomeDepot and have them cut it down for you for free)

2. Computer and printer

3. Tape

4. Scissors

5. Pencil

6. Paint

7. Large and small paint brushes

STEP ONE: Create the numbers 1-6 on the computer and size them as large as you can on a document that is 11″x17″. I use Adobe Illustrator, but you can do the same thing in Word.

The font I used is called Clarendon and can be downloaded free for personal use here.

STEP TWO: Print your numbers on 11″x17″ paper. If your printer won’t print that large, you can take an 8.5″x11″ print to your local copy shop and have them enlarge it for you.

STEP THREE: Trim out each number with your scissors.

STEP FOUR: Lay each number out on your board. Pay attention to the spacing. I tried to put the middle of each number at it’s corresponding height. For example, the middle of the 1 is approximately 6″ from the bottom of the board and I planned to hang the chart about 6″ from the floor. So, the 6″ from the floor plus the 6″ from the bottom of the board would put the middle of the 1 about 12″ from the floor. Then the 2 is about 24″ from the floor, 3 is about 36″ inches, etc. But, don’t stress out over the measurements. It’s more about seeing the increasing tick marks than it is accurate measurements.

Just have fun with the layout! Angle some, while keeping others straight. Place some off the edge and keep others centered. It makes for a more interesting design.

STEP FIVE: Trace around the numbers with a pencil to reveal the design.

STEP SIX: Using a small paint brush (and a steady hand) paint around the edges of each number first. Then fill in the rest of the space with a larger brush.

I used leftover interior wall paint for mine. But you could certainly use regular old acrylic craft paint.

STEP SEVEN: After everything dries, attach 2 saw teeth picture hangers to the back and hang on your wall. I also used a few 3M command strips on the bottom to keep little hands from being able to pull it down.

Once you’ve got it on the wall, grab a sharpie and get to charting!


3 Comments on “DIY Growth Chart”

  1. Janssen says:


    I’m doing a round-up post on Disney Baby about DIY Growth Charts and wondered if I could include yours. I’d just use one photo (with the photo credited to you) plus link back to your site for the full instructions. Would that be okay?


  2. Love this- a new take on the growth chart. Thanks for all the details in the post too!

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