Copy and Paste Onesies

One of my sweet friends is expecting twin boys. They are her first and she’s doing so great! She has about 8 weeks to go, both boys are already over 4 pounds, and she looks like she’s about to pop. But she’s so stinkin’ adorable.

I always try to make gifts whenever possible, but especially when it comes to something as special as a new baby. It just seems so much more meaningful to me. When I was thinking of what to make for her shower, I tried to think of something to give her that was unique and “twinny” but not so matchy-matchy. That’s just not her style. She and her husband are both self proclaimed “computer nerds” and I wanted to give her something that reflected their personalities. I’ve seen these copy and paste onesies on sites like CafePress, but I knew I could make my own version. And, here they are!

These are felt appliques, but since my new sewing machine is still safely tucked away in its box, I used iron on Heat ‘N Bond. Using the Heat ‘N Bond made this project super easy! I was able to finish both onesies in just about an hour and a half.

To make these onesies, or other felt appliques, you’ll need:

1. Heat ‘N Bond (no sew type)

2. Felt

3. Onesies, or similar

4. Iron

5. Scissors

STEP ONE: Decide on the design you’d like to use. For the copy and paste design I chose to use the Mac keystrokes for each command. I used Adobe Illustrator to make the design and then printed it out. I trimmed the design from the copy paper and then traced it onto the paper side of the Heat ‘N Bond. Note: Make sure to reverse the image when you trace it onto the Heat ‘N Bond so when you iron it on, it’s facing the correct way.

STEP TWO: Rough cut the design from the Heat ‘N Bond. You don’t have to cut on the lines at this point, just around them.

STEP THREE: Place the shiny side of the Heat ‘N Bond down on the felt and iron on the highest heat. Note: High heat works well with felt, but you may want to turn the heat down a bit for lighter textiles.

STEP FOUR: Trim the felt along the lines of your design.

STEP FIVE: Peel the protective paper from the Heat ‘N Bond, lay the design down onto your onesie, and iron until all the edges are completely adhered.

These are completely safe to run through the washing machine. Just remember to read the instructions on the Heat ‘N Bond before throwing them in the wash.

Don’t they make the sweetest little gift for a set of twins?


2 Comments on “Copy and Paste Onesies”

  1. Loidha says:

    How fabulous! Genius. Man, I want your brain power!

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