Quick and easy lip balm recipe

I am always trolling the internet looking for new ideas for things to try or make. And now thanks to Pinterest I can keep a visual reminder of everything I find and continually go back for reference. (Which is what makes Pinterest so flipping awesome!) A few months ago I came across this recipe for lip balms on Martha Stewart’s site and immediately pinned it. I thought “I can totally do that!” And there it sat in my pin board waiting for me to come back to it. But 2012 is the year of doing, as opposed to pinning and pining, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I followed Martha’s instructions to the tee for the first batch. But the resulting balm was too stiff for me. I like my lip balm to be soft and smooth, and this one would barely glide over my lips. I probably didn’t do something exactly right. But since I couldn’t ask Martha herself, I just tweaked things and tried different combinations of ingredients until I was happy with the result.

Here’s what you’ll need to make these super quick and easy lip balms:

1. Beeswax pellets

2. Organic soy wax flakes

3. Carrier oil

4. Essential oil

5. Vitamin E capsules

6. Plastic pipettes

7. Heat proof glass container

8. Bamboo skewers

9. Cheapo lipstick (optional)

10. Tubes, tins, jars, etc.

Notes: I ordered a 1 pound bag of beeswax pellets on Amazon for $10. I couldn’t find those at the craft store. The organic soy wax I was able to find at HobbyLobby. I believe it was about $8 for a 1 pound bag. Two pounds of wax will last a really (REALLY) long time. Carrier oil is a food quality oil used to dilute the essential oils, since most essential oils are not food quality. There are various oils that can be used as a carrier, but I chose Sweet Almond Oil because it has a neutral scent and works well with the other essential oils. I ordered the Sweet Almond Oil online, but you can find it, the essential oils, and the Vitamin E capsules at GNC. I couldn’t find plastic pipettes in any store, so those were ordered online as well. Tubes, tins, and jars can all be found for sale online, but I found these tiny little clear jars at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I think they were supposed to be storage for manicurists.

STEP ONE: Grab a small saucepan and add about an inch or 2 of water. Turn the burner on your stove to medium low and let the water just reach a simmer.

STEP TWO: Add 1 tablespoon soy wax, 2 tablespoons carrier oil, and a sprinkle of beeswax (seriously, I just added a very small amount… the more beeswax you add the stiffer the result will be) to my heat proof glass container. I used a mason jar, but you could use a pyrex measuring cup or other glass jar that can be heated safely. Place the jar in the saucepan on the stove.

STEP THREE: Stir the mixture with a bamboo skewer until all of the wax has melted. Once the mixture is completely melted remove the jar carefully from the pan.

STEP FOUR: Work fast, because you don’t want the mixture to cool! Add a few drops of essential oil until you are happy with the scent. Pierce a Vitamin E capsule with a straight pin and squeeze the contents into your mixture. If you want to tint your lip balm, add lipstick shavings and stir until you reach the desired color. Good to know: Essential oils do not have flavors. Instead they are scents that trick your mind into thinking there’s a flavor. There are tons of different oils you could try, but citrus scented oils work great because those scents are already associated with flavors. I used grapefruit oil mostly, but added a couple drops of tea tree oil as well. If you want to sweeten your balm, you can add a touch of honey. For tints, brighter shades of lipstick work best.

STEP FIVE: Now comes the fun part. Line up your containers (tubes, tins, jars) and make sure they are on a level surface. Grab your plastic pipette and fill each container with the still liquid wax mixture. Again, be quick, because the wax cools quickly. Once each of the containers is filled, allow them to cool on a level surface over night.

STEP SIX: Wake up the next morning and your lip balms are ready to use and enjoy!

These are now my favorite, go-to lip balms. I love how soft and smooth they are.
Plus, they make great little happies to give to your friends.


4 Comments on “Quick and easy lip balm recipe”

  1. Sabrina says:

    Rachael, You amaze me. Your creativity, of course, is off the charts, but that’s not even the most amazing thing. How you have time to do all of this plus raise two small children, work a full-time job and do free-lance projects is beyond my comprehension.

  2. Gretchen says:

    I will certainly try this, if you don’t mind i will share this on my Blog

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