Teeny tiny notecards

A few days ago I designed and made these teeny tiny notecards and envelopes.

It all started when I was cleaning out the bathroom and found this box.

Can you tell what it was in its former life?

It was a travel sized box of q-tips.

The box was empty and I didn’t want to just throw it away. So I came up with a way to reuse it.

I measured the box and designed the little cards using Adobe Illustrator.

The finished size is about 2″x3″. The little envelopes were made from a template I designed in Illustrator. I just printed it and constructed it from velum paper.

They are so cute and tiny! I made these to give as a gift, but I’m dying to make a set for myself.


2 Comments on “Teeny tiny notecards”

  1. Scarlett Davis says:

    CUTE!!! I am also a graphic designer by day and I have been wanting to start a blog. LOVE yours! Great ideas!!

    • Scarlett! I could tell you were an artist in some way from your Pinterest boards. I had no idea you were a graphic designer, though. Thanks for the compliments on the blog! Let me know if you start one, I’d love to check out what you do. 🙂

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