Easy last minute gifts to make, part 3

Part 1Part 2

Today’s handmade gift ideas might just be the easiest yet.

Let’s start with the bubble magnets. These are made just like the bubble tacks so you can use up all those gem stones.

You will need:

1. Clear bubble glass gem stones

2. Scrapbook paper

3. Hot glue

4. Scissors

5. 3/4″ button magnets

STEP ONE: Just like the tacks, you’ll need to glue the gem stones down on the paper. Use your hot glue and don’t worry about any overflow. Remember,  you can trim any excess glue with your scissors.

STEP TWO: Trim the paper around the gem stone as flush as you can.

STEP THREE: Hot glue gem stone to the magnet.

And just like that you’ve got a sweet little set of magnets!

Now, let’s talk about making custom notebooks and matching pens.

These are easy, but do require a trip to the copy shop. First, you’ll need to gather your supplies.

For notebooks:

1. Scrapbook paper or other imagery for the cover

2. Filler paper (whatever you have on hand)

STEP ONE: Trim your cover and filler paper to the size you want your notebooks.

STEP TWO: Drive to the copy shop. Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, or a local print shop will be able to help you.

STEP THREE: Tell the copy shop you’d like to have your cover laminated and then spiral bound to your filler paper. Ask for a chipboard back.

STEP FOUR: Wait the allotted amount of time and pick up your new notebooks!

For pens:

1. Package of pens with a clear body and screw off cap (I use Pentel RSVP pens)

2. Scrapbook paper

STEP ONE: Trim the scrapbook paper to 3″x1″

STEP TWO: Unscrew the cap on the pen and remove the ink cartridge.

STEP THREE: Roll the paper tightly around the ink cartridge and reinsert it into the pen body. Screw the cap on and you’re done!

Now you can make a really cute gift set with matching tacks, magnets, notebooks and pens!


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