Decking Our Halls

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t stop at the tree. Oh, no! I like to sprinkle little bits of holiday cheer all through the house.

I finally got fluffy lit garland for the mantel this year. We’re big time, I tell ya. 🙂 Everything was looking a bit green compared to the tree, though. My solution was to weave in some frosty white tinsel. Kinda gives it that flocked look. Maybe.

I traded our solid red stockings for solid white ones and personalized each one with a glittery letter and glass ornament. Now Santa won’t get confused on who’s is who’s.

Here’s Bing the elf hanging out with his lady friend on the mantel. Gives him a good vantage point.

A bowl of glittery, cinnamon scented pine cones sits on the coffee table. Good thing we like the smell of cinnamon. These things are kinda strong.

This is our entry decked out in garland and red ribbon. And other little Christmas things.

Like fat little nutcrackers, brass deer, crystal trees, and holiday scrapbook paper in frames. The magic is in the little things.


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